0x80070006 windows server 2016 kaspersky


WU error 0x80070006 (2016 Server) — tried every option except restore server ***Any other suggestions?

I keep this server up to date with Microsoft updates and the last ones were installed in the middle of October.

I am not sure if WU stopped working this long ago or recently because sometimes WU says it is up to date and was last checked at a recent time. When it says this and you press «Check for updates» it will always say «There were some problems installing updates» with error 0x80070006.

I tried the following and rebooted after most steps, but nothing helped:

1) DISM restorehealth —> FAILED so I had to download 2016 server ISO and set DISM source to this ISO’s install.wim then it was SUCCESSFUL
2) sfc /scannow —> Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired
Still get same WU erorr: 0x80070006
3) ran Windows Update Troubleshooter which fixed missing or corrupt service registration
Still get same WU erorr: 0x80070006
4) stopped WU service and deleted DataStore.edm and .jfm from C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore
Still get same WU erorr: 0x80070006
5) reset all Windows Update components following steps in this MS document and rebooted: (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/update/windows-update-resources)
Still get same WU erorr: 0x80070006
6) used System Configuration tool to perform a clean boot by disabling all non-Microsoft services
Still get same WU erorr: 0x80070006

***Any other suggestions?

I do not want to restore server by booting up with OS media and installing Server 2016 over itself in fear that it may overwrite newer system files that were patched with recent security updates with older ones that are vulnerable.
—> Will the «repair your computer» option replace newer files with older and possibly vulnerable ones?

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Might try restoring from a recent backup, or the better option is to stand up a new one, patch fully, migrate roles over and move on.

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Thanks for the suggestions but we currently don’t have the storage space for frequent full system backups and do not have a spare server to migrate over to at this location

0x80070006 means Invalid handle.

Does the issue occur on a specific devices or several devices?

How do you update on this device, through Windows Update agent or WSUS?

Here is a similar thread with your issue, please check if it is useful for you.

Try to check the marked answer to move WUA back into a shared svchost with the following command:(run as administrator)

sc config wuauserv type= share

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Thanks JoyQiao-MSFT for your suggestion.
I tried both «share» and «own» but neither worked.
This issue is just occurring on this 2016 Server Standard and it uses its Windows Update agent to get updates

Try the following command line to reconfigure the privileges on WUA so that the call to ZwOpenProcess() will be allowed.
sc privs wuauserv

By the way, please check the existing system build with command winver.

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You can check if there is a conflict with ‘Windows Update’ Group Policy. If the policy is configured to not update, this error should appear as well.

Hi, It worked for me. Thank you.

I ‘m stuck with this error, please take the time to review what I did.
I would like to add to this tread, I have to put in context to start, brand new VM 2016 std, from ISO «SW_DVD9_WIN_SERVER_STD_CORE_2016_64BIT_ENGLISH_-4_DC_STD_MLF_X21-70526» I created an base VM image that included all updates. than I always do that to keep my base image : defrag c: /u /v, sfc /scannow, dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup, dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup /resetbase, defrag c: /u /v, chkdsk /r /f/ /b reboot let the check disk finish, log back in, empty all events log, then I do the sysprep /oobe /generalize /mode:vm /shutdown than I keep my .vhdx for further usage. (Host are Hyper-V 2019) Note on this attemp all the previous command completed sucessfully.
So I did this exact steps monday this week, feb. 1st 2021. at the time of all command above, Windows Server 2016 STD is already fully patched from the online store (no WSUS in in the loop).
Then I took one vhdx out to create a true VM for my needs. The VM is becoming a DC + DNS + DHCP + NPS and all is fine. until I ran the lookup for update then instant 0x80070006. reboot, retry, nope. Then I reverse eng. a bit. uninstall AV, no change, reinstall windows defender, no change, do all kind of known workaround like in this forum os the well know stop wuauserv dele the SoftwareDistribution start the service etc. Nothing change, always stuck there. So I have plenty of other VM 2016 STD running on different host. I logged on two of them lookup for updates and all is fine and they are also fully u to date as well.
So a DC is somehow a very easy role to reinstall,I took me base vhdx again (the same) and I try simply to run after the first boot the lookup for updates. Same error. I said to myselft, ahh my reference image is bad. So Thursday night (feb 4th 2021) I took the Same ISO, install a new VM, and this time I joined it to the domain first things, loaded AV as we run in the company, placed the vm in the right OU like any other server VM, make it like a real machine to rule out my network policy etc. all is fine so I let the VM sit online for the night, Friday morning the 5th, I run windows update, all if fine. from that ISO only 4 updates are somehow needed they are : KB4598243, KB4535680, KB4576750, KB4049065. Then I reboot, Look up again, all is fine reports system fully up to date. I ran defrag c: /u /v and a chkdsk c: /r /f /b and reboot, lookup again, and bang error 0x80070006 instant.

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So last steps of my base VM sysprep was a chkdsk /r /f /b and now on a new vm installed after first update ran another chkdsk c: /r /f /b and boom the problem arises again. I’m pretty confidant now that I can reproduce this error again and again.

Why do I run that. at first it is just to keep a fully ok anc clean base sysprep image and I do that since Windows Virtual Server 2005 .
Now why I do that on the vm installed, i wanted to test what operation could be triggering that. it was intentional and not triggered by a dirty chutdown or anything else. Could it be a root cause with one of the latest windows update . I’m willing to retry another time from scratch becasue I’m now at a point that I have no more ideas.