Air conditioning room with no windows

Methods ventilation device in a room without windows

Ventilation in a room without windows is an urgent problem, because, if you do not organize automatic air purification, the room will be uncomfortable. It becomes stuffy, it is wet, starts to form fungus, such air elementary harmful to breathe. In order to avoid many problems, You need to consider ventilation system.

How to check if no window space is ventilated?

Most often in houses, especially the multi, builder provides natural ventilation system. It is arranged as follows:: air exchange takes place by vertically extending channels, which extend from the roof of the house to the basement. Special taps unventilated room apartments are connected to the ventilation system. For many reasons, the ventilation in the room may not work.

In order to check the efficiency of the ventilation system, you need to burn rolled in a tube sheet of paper and bring to the grid. Keep it should be at a distance 2 cm, If the paper is pressed against the grate, the ventilation is working properly, and air circulation nothing prevents. If the smoke goes into the room or sheet will not be pressed under the influence of air flow, the drawing is not.

Council: checking, how the system, Do not use an open flame. Newsprint must smoke, but not burn. An open fire can be dangerous, since the carcass exhaust pipe may form flammable and flammable substance different.

The role of systems for air circulation

Ventilation in the room plays a big role with no windows. Even if the room is used infrequently, it collects carbon dioxide. If the room is always more than one person, heat is generated in the amount of 60 W in time, it creates excess moisture, which in the absence of natural or artificial ventilation will settle on the walls. As a result, inside will be very hot, on the walls of the fungus forms, disputes which breathe is dangerous for health.

Clean air ducts can not always provide fresh air flow in the right amount, even if the room has a window. The fact, that deaf plastic products reliably isolate the room. This has positive aspects, but there are also cons, eg, the room is not ventilated itself. With the help of special equipment problem can be solved: the system will be forced to ventilate the room.

Construction of mechanical ventilation

knowing, how to make the ventilation in the room without windows or with blind structures, you can do the work yourself. two fans will need to, having approximately the same power. Besides, You need to purchase a heater and filter; one device will suffice for the system.

To the air where it was taken, punched in the walls for ventilation channels. There are inserted pipe: everything for holes they need to use a hammer.

The diameter of the channels for ventilation

It is not enough to pierce a through hole of any size: we must act, based on the calculation, What’s on 1 m 2 hole diameter should be 1,5 cm; if the room 20 m, You need to punch a hole 20 cm.

DA to ventilation worked well and it does not interfere, positioning hole must be slightly above floor level. On the street duct should go 40 mm. It should be up to direct: This will ensure optimal air intake, the impact of polluted air from the room. In order for the pipe does not enter the trash, it protects the awning and a special grid.

Ventilation in a room without windows is performed in a duct with perforations on the walls, it can be positioned vertically or, either horizontally. You need this device in order, so that the air is distributed evenly in the room. To ensure extract stale air, mounted hood. It is located in the upper part of the wall, approximately at 50 cm from the ceiling, if the house is private, pipe must be raised above the roof to a height of not less than 30 cm. The apartment can put it against the wall at the same height. In both cases the tube should be facing up.

ATentilyatsiya in a room without windows would be more effective, if extract pipe also equipped with a visor by depositing and mesh. It would not let her hide various waste.

In order to efficiently inhale the air into the air duct, you want to use enough power fan. Outdoor air enters the room, previously passed through a filter.

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Calculator for ventilation

The choice of ready-made solutions

If the bedroom without a window, ventilation may be undeveloped using factory devices, feed fresh air: they are called aerogiverami. Most often, such a device is installed outside the window. The system will not spoil the appearance of the facade, because it has a small size, placed in a special box, whose color can be chosen, outer side closed a practical and attractive appearance bars, through which the air intake.

The average cost of imported aerogivera 25 thousand. rubles. The device is suitable for indoor use, the area of ​​which does not exceed 35 m. Some aerogivery have the function of heating: it is convenient in the winter, because the room will go hot air, It will not feel a draft, the room will not cool. As a result, operation of the system reduces heat loss and save on heating.

Depending on the model and manufacturer aerogivery can operate in different modes: eg, You can set the desired fan speed. More expensive devices show, how the filter is dirty and when it’s time to change it, which greatly facilitates maintenance, avoids loss of productivity and damage. Details of ventilation systems.

Conclusion: If you have a room without a window, ventilation it is necessary. It will make the room comfortable and safe for health. What type of ventilation to choose, It depends on your preferences and financial capabilities of the landlord.

13 Effective Ways to Cool a Room with No Windows

When a room that has no windows becomes hot, it needs to be cooled down so that it will remain useful. Windows provide a place to use a window AC unit or to have a breeze blow through, and these options are not available without them.

You may have space that is not usable in the hot summer months, but if you find a way to cool it, this could change. Fortunately, there are ways to cool a room with no windows. Some ideas include cutting into walls or the ceiling, and others are simple tricks to reduce the heat.

Read on to learn how.

1 – Install a Ceiling Fan

One way to circulate the air in the room is by installing a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan moves the air around, which cools the people who are inside the room.

When you are in a hot room, there is a stagnant layer of heat around your body, and the ceiling fan jostles that stagnant layer of air, which allows your body to lose heat and feel cooler.

If your purpose in cooling this room is to make it more comfortable for people while they are in it, a ceiling fan will do the job. It is a great way to circulate the air, and it is fairly easy to install.

2 – Install a Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner

This kind of air conditioner works the same way as a window unit, but it vents through the wall instead of through the window. It is important to note that the wall must lead to the outside of the building because it has to be vented correctly.

These units are more energy efficient than central air conditioners, and the room will stay cooler without any windows. In fact, it will take less energy to cool a windowless room than it would one with windows.

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They are installed directly in the wall, and their design prevents drafts. The unit will be secured, and it is a great solution to cooling a windowless room.

3 – Set up a Portable Evaporative Cooler (Swamp Cooler)

Portable evaporative coolers or swamp coolers are energy efficient, and they can deliver cool air to a room. This works well in dry climates, and it is less expensive and more energy efficient.

It works by taking the warm air in and running it through wet cooler pads. Then it blows cooler air through a vent. You can add water or ice to this device, and it changes it into a cool air mist.

You can create a homemade version of this machine by using a box fan and ice. If you fill a bowl with ice and put it in front of the fan, the fan will push the coldness from the ice around the room to make it cool.

This is a simple way to cool a room without any windows.

4 – Use Two Fans to Circulate and Remove Hot Air

It’s a known fact that hot air rises. The problem is that a windowless room can have very still air.

If you blow one fan toward the ceiling and the other toward the doorway, they will circulate the hot air on the ceiling and blow it out of the door. This can help to cool the room.

In addition, free standing fans or box fans will have the same impact on people as a ceiling fan. The air circulation will move the stagnant air around and allow the body to release heat, which has a cooling effect.

5 – Turn Off Appliances and Lights

Most items that use energy give off heat. The more energy a device uses, the more heat it gives off. If you have appliances or lights in the windowless room, be sure to turn them off when they are not in use.

It might be easy to leave these items on, but it will make your room very hot. Make it a habit to turn off everything in the room when you leave, and leave the items off unless you are using them.

6 – Close the Doors

When you close doors, you isolate spaces. If you have a windowless room, it will stay cooler if the door is closed and the light is off.

When you leave the door open, light from the outside room will actually make its way in and make the room warmer. Keep the door closed until you want to enter the room.

7 – Extend Your Existing HVAC System

If you have central air conditioning, it may not be too complicated to add your windowless room to the system. It requires ducts and vents, but if the house is already set up, it may be pretty easy to do.

If you are able to extend your existing HVAC system, you will have no trouble cooling your room.

8 – Install a Ductless Air Conditioner

A ductless air conditioning unit gives you all of the convenience and cooling of central air, but there are no ducts. You do need to install an outdoor piece and an indoor piece that are connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring.

You can mount the indoor unit on the wall, but you will need to go through the wall to the outdoors to connect it to the outdoor unit.

9 – Buy a Portable Air Conditioner

This option may not be the most effective because the portable air conditioner still needs to be vented to the outdoors. It needs a place to send the hot air.

If the windowless room has a wall that goes to the outside, you can install the hose through it to the outside, and your portable AC will work well. Otherwise, you will need to run a hose through another room.

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10 – Lower Your Body Temperature

There are actually ways that you can lower your body temperature, which will help to cool a room without windows. You can drink cool drinks with ice and wear light colored clothing that will reflect heat.

In addition, taking a shower will help to lower your body temperature and make it feel cooler in the room.

11 – Cover Your Furniture with Clean Sheets

If this room is an office or a sitting room, cover your couch or chairs with clean cotton sheets. If you keep the sheets stored in a cool closet, they will be cool and help to make the room feel cooler.

If this room is a bedroom, be sure to make your bed every day, and do not use flannel or fleece. You need cool crisp cotton sheets, and the room will feel cooler.

12 – Turn Your Bathroom Fan on

If your windowless room adjoins a bathroom, you can turn on the bathroom fan and open the door. The bathroom fan pulls air out of the room, and this will help to pull the hot air away.

Your room will actually cool down, and the air will circulate.

13 – Plant Bushes on the Outside of the Home

You can plant bushes along the wall directly outside of this room. It will prevent the sun from penetrating the walls of the house, and it helps to insulate the home from heat.

With bushes in the way of the sun’s rays, your exterior won’t absorb as much heat, which will keep the inside cooler.

Is it Possible to Cool a Room Without Windows?

It is definitely possible to cool a windowless room, and it will depend on other factors. If you do not have air conditioning installed, there are still a few tricks you can try.

In some ways, a room without windows is beneficial because it will not have the rays of the sun blaring into the room. The sun’s rays can heat up a room, even through a window, so this can help to keep it cooler than another room in the house.

You can install one of many different types of air conditioning system, depending on your budget and how much work you want to do. If the rest of your house has an HVAC, you might consider having the windowless room connected to it.

Otherwise, there are ductless and portable AC options that you can employ.

Fans can be very useful in a number of different ways. The key to cooling the room is to circulate the air and get rid of the hot air near the ceiling. You can strategically use fans to pull the air down and expel it from the room.

You can also make sure that you are comfortable by drinking ice cold drinks and taking a shower. Showering in a hot shower will make the air temperature feel cooler once you finish, and showering in a cold shower will lower your body temperature so that you will welcome the warm air.

You need to make sure that you keep the appliances shut off unless they are in use. They will give off more heat, which will only make the room warmer. In addition, lights tend to emit heat. You can consider LED lighting as it gives off less heat than other types.

Turn the lights off when you don’t need them, and keep the doors closed. If the room is dark and closed up during the day, it will feel cool when you open the door. Any of these methods will help to cool your windowless room.